Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home Remedy for Stubborn Cold Sore

The virus Herpes simplex primarily causes cold sore or the fever blisters. This virus is known to be naturally present in human bodies but will infect it if some elements may trigger this condition. This disease is characterized by the eruption of tiny blisters around the mouth when a person has a fever or colds. Cold sore is most prevalent during winter and cold weather. Many patients claim that this is the resultant of stress however, no scientific studies have yet established this view. Yet, this remains true for some sufferers.

Also, other known causes of cold sores are excessive fatigue, menstruation in women, and too much exposure to sunlight and a number of respiratory infections. Calcium and Vitamin B12 are also pointed out as one of the main cause of cold sores eruption, which in effect leads to poor vitamin intake and diet. Legumes, cereals, whole grain products and other food items with high arganine contents are known to trigger the production of herpes virus in the body. It is essential that a cold sore sufferer must avoid the intake of such foods.

Cold sore is a transmittable disease, this is why it is important that the disease is treated right away as to prevent the infection of the individuals surrounding the patient.

Home remedy for cold sore must be first applied on the prodome (tingling) stage of the disease. The actions taken in this period will determine the outcome and the duration of the sore. It is important that it is in her that effective measure be employed.

If you are sufferer, change your toothbrush frequently. This is not a home remedy for cold sores but may prove effective in lessening the chances of more severe infections.

In addition to this, some cold sores patient recommend that use of nail polish remover. This may seem a bit farfetched but has proven effectivity on some. This home remedy for cold sore works by applying small amount of nail polisher remover on the affected area. This will smell and burn a bit but after leaving the polisher on your lips for ten minutes, the swelling will subside and so does the soreness. This method must be combined with Nyquil as this product soothes the skin after the immediate effects of the nail polish remover.

If nail polish remover don't appeal to you, you may apply toothpaste, ice cubes or abreeva as alternative solutions. These have the same effect of eliminating the virus on the sores. Once you were not able to prevent the blisters from forming, you can count on the possibility that your sold sores will complete its full cycle. From macule form to papule form, inflamed stage and bump stage respectively.

A housewife related that her cold sores usually occur when she feels that something stressful will arise. She specifically gave the example- not being able to find her family for hours. When she feels the initial symptoms of the cold sore, she immediately applies ice around her mouth. This she claims is effective in preventing the cold sore bigger. After quite some time, she would apply carmax on the affected area. She recommends that it is not wise to apply moisturizer on the lips as this may bring about several little cold sores the following day. This is a simple home remedy for cold sores she use herself.


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